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September 10, 2012
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Star Trek - Ambassador - 4 by Jimlogan1701 Star Trek - Ambassador - 4 by Jimlogan1701
Point Of Departure

Jim watched as the small point of light that marked the turbolifts position got closer to the bridge. He faced the doors taking a deep breath in and out then the turbolift stopped and the doors opened. No sooner had he stepped one foot onto the bridge when Commander Ventura spoke with a raised voice “Captain on the bridge”. Jim grinned “Thank you Commander” then quickly looked at the other members of the crew in acknowledgement “As you were”. The internal layout of the bridge is of a similar design to the newer excelsior class modules. The captains chair in the centre on a slightly raised platform with conn and ops stations directly in front. Guy was now sitting at his tactical console with Lt Galloway on communications next to him, both situated behind the captains chair. Because of the nature of the U.S.S. Walton being a vessel used for testing prototype systems, the alcove stations reflect this with a mixture of science and engineering systems. Jim pulled the bottom of his tunic and then sat in his chair. He took a moment to look around the bridge surveying the crew “Helm are the moorings retracted ?”. “Aye Sir” the young ensign piped up, Jim smiled “Then take us out, aft thrusters”. Outside above Mars the U.S.S. Walton slowly cleared the confines of the drydock and then began to increase in speed as the impulse engines engaged. Jim tapped the intercom on the arm of his chair “Engineering, status report”, Banna’s voice replied “All systems are in the green Captain.” “So we are ship shape and in Bristol fashion then Chief?” “Yes Sir, I even managed to get those running lights working too.” “Good work, carry on, Bridge out.” Jim knew the need for discipline but also liked to have some fun with the crew, nothing worse than people feeling like they cannot breath. “Helm set course for Jupiter Station, half impulse”

(Sorry if i did not say thanks for the fav, accidently deleted the favs tab and lost six messages so if you have not recieved a thank you........Thank you very much)
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very good.........well thought of :)
Jimlogan1701 Sep 12, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cheers my darlin x x
LilRedWagon Sep 11, 2012
SO WELL done!!
Jimlogan1701 Sep 11, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why thank you very much :-)
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