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December 8, 2012
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Star Trek - Ambassador - 10 by Jimlogan1701 Star Trek - Ambassador - 10 by Jimlogan1701
Captain we are being hailed, commander Jensen’s face appeared on the viewscreen "Hello again Captain, apologies for barging in" "No problem commander what can i do for you?" Jim had a feeling that his day was about to get longer. "This is best discussed behind closed doors." "Understood, transport over when you’re ready." Commander Ventura stood beside Jim, what do you think he wants?” “Not sure, join me in my office.”replied Jim. Several minutes later Commander Jensen entered the room accompanied by yeoman Jones. Jim offered Jensen a seat "Good to see you again captain, commander Ventura" Guy nodded in acknowledgement as Jim sat behind his desk. "Is this a friendly visit commander?" "yes and no, starbase eighty-nine has been monitoring increased radio chatter from the klingon and romulan borders and it seems that ships are being attacked by an as yet unknown vessel." "unknown ?" asked Jim. "yes, and these attacks are coming closer to our own borders and this is where you come in." jim frowned "you gotta be kidding, the walton is in no shape for what could be a potential combat situation." Guy snorted " I have to agree, half the defences on this ship were removed so as we could even have the room to install those phaser arrays, our capability is seriously compromised." "starfleet understands that, they are sending a small task force with a couple of support vessels and the Walton will be one of them." Jim knew that this mission could go bad very quickly. Guy looked at Jim "Captain if we run with a skeleton crew it will free up some of the quarters and the cargo and shuttle bays could also be used too." Jim nodded “Agreed, coordinate your efforts with Dr Garrett.” Jensen placed a small padd on Jim's desk “All the mission details are on there, I’m taking Columbia to starbase 84 so I shall see you there.” commander Jensen got up from his seat, Jim motioned towards yeoman Jones “Please escort Commander Jensen to transporter room two.” “Yes Sir.” she replied as Jensen followed her from the office. Jim looked at guy and waited for the door to close before speaking “Guy, I got a real bad feeling about this” “You and me both” ”I know its going to take us the wrong way but we're going back to Earth. I need to swing by Starfleet Headquarters.” Guy smirked “Well we do need to drop off the crew that wont be coming with us, may as well take the scenic route.”

13/6/2013 After adding the story stuff i altered the image slightly and corrected the starfleet delta which was the wrong way round. It's the only problem i have with the Walton as the texture gets mirrored on that side of the hull. Its almost as if only one side was made, then cloned and mirrored. I have since made a mirrored texture so i can use both sides of the ship now ;-)